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Accurate, High Quality 3D Model Translation & Viewing
Software for Windows, DOS, SGI, SUN & MAC

(Requires Softwindows to run on MAC Hardware)
[PolyTrans Screen Snapshot]

PolyTrans is a new and powerful 3d model translator and viewing tool which allows arbitrary 3d model data to be imported from external sources, processed, manipulated and exported to various industry standard 3d file formats with great accuracy and quality. Using PolyTrans you'll never again have to spend hours hand-tweaking a translated model since PolyTrans converts every aspect of a 3d model, including all shading parameters, texture mapping coordinates and texture map information. Just load the translated model into your favorite 3d program and press the render button - nothing could be simpler!

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PolyTrans is unique among 3d model converters. Its complex conversion proce allows for polygonal and non-polygonal input data to be converted between a wide variety of formats; this includes meshed polygons with recursive holes, random polygons, NURB patches, bicubic patches and quadrics. All file information is preserved, including smoothing (normals), bump mapping (U/V tangents), (u,v) texture coordinates, vertex colors and vertex opacity/transparency data, where applicable. In addition, all shading and texture mapping parameters (including all varieties of texture modulation types) are properly mapped from the input file format to the output file format - this will allow almost perfect translation of complex texture mapped objects and scenes. This is in addition to its ability to convert all material information, lights, cameras and geometry hierarchy.

PolyTrans has been specifically designed to import, optimize and export huge polygon datasets with very low memory usage and with no resulting performance degradation. As a typical example, a 5Mb DXF file can be imported into PolyTrans within 9 seconds, optimized and split-by-layer within another 50 seconds, then have the data exported to the Wavefront format in another 20 seconds (for a 133Mhz Pentium). No other program can compare to the performance, accuracy and features of PolyTrans.

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